Monday, October 2, 2023
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WRED QoS Commands

The following commands are for software based QoS, therefore they are no applicable for PFC based QoS, although they are available on 6500/7600 where the card/port being configured is a OSM/ES20/SIP router based card.

 (Not Supported on hardware switched PFC traffic, but is for software switched traffic)

  • random-detect  [dscp-based | prec-based]
  • random-detect cos-based
  • random-detect flow (Interface Configuration)
  • random-detect flow average-depth-factor (Interface Configuration)
  • random-detect flow count (Interface Configuration)
  • random-detect cos (threshold changes per CoS value)
  • random-detect dscp  (threshold changes per dscp value)
  • random-detect precedence (threshold changes per prec value)
  • random-detect exponential-weighting-constant
  • random-detect discard-class
  • random-detect discard-class-based
  • random-detect aggregate
  • random-detect dscp (aggregate)
  • random-detect precedence (aggregate)
  • random-detect-group (Global Configuration)
  • random-detect ecn

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