UCCX VMware Workstation

Requires 6GB RAM to install and operate.


UCCX Custom Prompts

UCCX System Prompts


Apply MOH source to devices via:

  1. Common Phone Configuration
  2. Device
  3. DN

Important structure in MOH selection with MRGL and Audio Source Stream ID.

  • Holding Party –  Defines which Audio Source Stream ID applies to held parties.
  • Held Party – Determines the Media Resource Group List that a Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses to allocate a music on hold resource.
For a call transfer, the Holding Party (transferring party) device (Phone, CSF, CTI Port, etc),  uses its configured MOH source stream ID in order of DN, Device, CDC, System Default.

Then the MRGL is selected from the party on Hold (party being transferred). The MGRL specifies the MOH server which is configured in a Device Pool and therefore is in a Region.

This means that the MOH server Region must have the correct inter-region settings to allow the MOH server to send the MOH source (default only G711) from the MOH Region to the Held Party device Region.

i.e. The MOH Server (as defined in Held Party MRGL) Region settings to the Held Party Region must allow G.711 (system only default unless other system wide codes enabled for MOH)

UCCX Prompt Formats

WAV must have these attributes:

  1. CCIT U-Law
  2. Sample Size 8 Bit
  3. Sample Rate 8kHz


CCX Editor

Requires the exe be run in Win 7 compatability mode and must reboot after install.


Requires Agents phones as controlled devices  (SEP, CSF, etc) that the users will be logging into, without this the users will not be able to login to Finesse, instead of physical devices (hard & soft), associate the users UDP profile instead to work with EM.

The following permissions (create a new Access Group and apply to rmcm user with the following:

  1. Standard CTI Enabled
  2. Standard CTI Allow Call Monitoring
  3. Standard CTI Allow Call Recording
  4. Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf

 “jtapi_x” (x=1,… for each UCCX Server)

Requires CUCM route points and CTI ports associated with it and the following permissions (create a new Access Group and apply to jtapi_xuser with the following:

  1. Standard CTI Enabled
  2. Standard CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring
  3. Standard CTI Allow Call Monitoring
  4. Standard CTI Allow Call Recording
  5. Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf
  6. Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode


UCCX account on CUCM for AXL API access; allows UCCX to get & set settings on CUCM via API, to create the AXL account on CUCM, create account and apply access group with;
  • Standard AXL API Access
The “Standard AXL API Access” has the access as “Standard CCM Super Users” which is defined as follows:

  • The Standard CCM Super Users user group represents a named user group that always has full access permission to all named roles. You cannot delete this user group. You can only make additions and deletions of users to this group.

UCCX End User Accounts

“adminccx” – Provides a user account to login to UCCX. No permissions required or controlled devices etc. Standard empty user account on CUCM.


Setting for DNs used by UCCX.
  • Set Maximum number of calls to 2
  • Set Busy trigger to 1

CUCM End User Settings

Must have the IPCC Extension set otherwise UCCX will not show the user as a potential resource. The IPCC extension can be the users normal DN or a dedicated one. Dedicated one is preferred. These can be attached to the users EM profile.


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