PFC Hardware QoS Queuing Interface Commands

These interface commands are for PFC QoS Queuing, such as enabling WRED, configuring CoS-to-Q mappings, queue sizes and bandwidth per queue.

mls qos queue-mode mode-dscp (WS-X6708 cards only – other 10Gs?)

rcv-queue random-detect

rcv-queue queue-limit

rcv-queue cos-map
rcv-queue dscp-map

rcv-queue threshold

wrr-queue random-detect
wrr-queue random-detect min-threshold
wrr-queue random-detect max-threshold

wrr-queue queue-limit – Queue Depth
wrr-queue bandwidth – WRR Scheduling
wrr-queue threshold – tail drop

wrr-queue cos-map
priority-queue cos-map

Classification, policing and marking are done with MQC PFC QoS, see the post at