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PFC Commands

show platform hardware pfc mode
– Check to see what mode with regards to installed PFC/DFC cards on Sup and line cards, where a difference in model numbers of PFC/DFC, lowest version/mode will run.

show fabric switching mode
– Show current mode with regards to either centralised or distributed CEF. (dCEF or CEF).

Cat6500-SUP720#show fabric switching-mode
Global switching mode is Compact
dCEF mode is not enforced for system to operate
Fabric module is not  required for system to operate
Modules are allowed to operate in bus mode
Truncated mode is allowed, due to presence of DFC, aCEF720 module
Module Slot     Switching Mode
1                 Crossbar
2                     dCEF
5                     dCEF
6                 Crossbar
9                 Crossbar

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