ACI APIC & Node – MOQuery / API Format Examples

A collection of examples for moquery, native REST API calls and other random commands. Little unstructured (sorry), at some point I will move to separate pages.

CLI - show system internal [epm|eltm|ethpm]
epm: Endpoints
eltm: VRF/VLAN configuration
ethpm: Interfaces
REST API Examples

https://{{url}}/api/node/class/eventRecord.json?order-by=eventRecord.created|desc&page=0&page-size=100&query-target-filter=and(gt(eventRecord.created, "2018-06-19"))

https://{{url}}/api/class/fvRsPathAtt.json?query-target-filter=wcard(fvRsPathAtt.encap, "1.4.")

https://{{url}}/api/class/fvRsPathAtt.json?query-target-filter=wcard(fvRsPathAtt.encap, "[2-3]4.[7-8]")
/api/class/fvAEPg.json?rsp-subtree=children&query-target=subtree&query-target-filter=eq(fvRsPathAtt.encap, "vlan-1971")&target-subtree-class=fvAEPg


Running Firmware
def query_class(self, mo_class, query_target_filter=""):
        # template
        query = {
            "description" : "",
            # path (mo/uni/tn-TEN_INT/ap- ..) OR (class/fvTenant)
            "path": "class/{0}".format(mo_class),
            "filter": {
                # Define the scope of a query - {self | children | subtree}
                "query-target"          : "",                                   
                # Respond-only elements including the specified class - 'class name'
                "target-subtree-class"  : "",              
                # Respond-only elements matching conditions - filter expressions
                ####"query-target-filter"   : "or(wcard(fvAEPg.dn, 'tn-TEN_INT'), wcard(fvAEPg.dn, 'tn-TEN_SHARED'))",         
                "query-target-filter"   : query_target_filter,         
                # Specifies child object level included in the response - {no | children | full}
                "rsp-subtree"           : "",                                                                                                   # "children",
                # Respond only specified classes - 'class name'
                "rsp-subtree-class"     : "",                                                                                                   # "fvAEPg,fvRsPathAtt,fvRsDomAtt",
                # Respond only classes matching conditions - filter expressions
                "rsp-subtree-filter"    : "",
                # Request additional objects -{faults | health :stats :…}
                "rsp-subtree-include"   : "",
                # Sort the response based on the property values - | {asc | desc}
                "order-by"              : ""
        # query
        response = self.apic.get(query)
        return response['imdata']  

Find the active APIC for VMM Communication
cat debug/div-apic-01-001/vmmmgr/comp/prov-VMware/ctrlr-[DVS_ACI_dvSwitch1]-OTN_VC/info/mo

Python Regex Search (Match All) EPG name from DN'epg-(.+?)(?=\/)', "uni/tn-TEN_INT/ap-AP_HOSTING/epg-EPG_VMOTION/rspathAtt-[topology/pod-2/paths-504/pathep-[eth1/1]]").group(1)

ISIS Adjacency Changes
fabric xxxx show isis adjacency detail vrf overlay-1

MOQuery Queries

Query Filter Types
wcard = * or .
query-target-filter=eq("fvRsPathAtt.encap", "vlan-1971")

User Query (User Delete Action)
moquery -c aaaModLR -f 'aaa.ModLR.user=="XXXXX" and aaa.ModLR.ind=="deletion"' | grep descr

User Query (User Actions on Date)
moquery -c aaaModLR -x 'query-target-filter=wcard(aaaModLR.created,"2016-02-22")' | egrep "user"

Bridge Domain Multicast addresses
moquery -c fvBD | grep 'name|bcastP'

Get Static Paths using mo filter to return full object
moquery -c fvRsPathAtt -f 'fv.RsPathAtt.encap=="vlan-23"'

Get the dn of the path for a switchport & switch
moquery -c fvAPathAtt | grep dn | grep 'eth1/47' | grep 202
moquery -c fvStPathAtt | grep dn | grep 'eth1/47' | grep 202
moquery -c fvDyPathAtt | grep dn | grep 'eth1/47' | grep 202

If the object names are prefixed - i.e. with EPG_
show vlan ext | grep Eth1/47 | grep EPG_

Find the BD an APP uses.
moquery -c fvBD -x rsp-subtree=children query-target=subtree -f 'fv.RtBd.tDn=="uni/tn-TEN_ONE/ap-APP_ONE/epg-EPG-V123"'

Get all subnets of a BD with ip and dn filter
moquery -c fvBD -x rsp-subtree=children query-target=subtree target-subtree-class=fvSubnet,fvRtBd | egrep '^ip|^dn'

Get the endpoint ip, mac, TEN, APP, EPG, VLAN
moquery -c fvCEp -x rsp-subtree=full -f 'fv.CEp.mac=="00:00:5e:01:01:d8"'
vsh_lc => show system internal epmc endpoint mac/ip
show system internal epm endpoint mac|ip
    BD VNID: VNID for BD
    Tunnel If & Interface: Interface this EP is learned on.
    sclass: (Class/pcTag) EPG ID 
    Good References:

Endpoint Retention Timers (Local EP)
(vsh_lc): show system internal epmc endpoint interface ethernet 1/1
BD Endpoint Retention Policy: Local Endpoint Aging Interval (sec): Default 900
When 75% of timer passed, fabric will send 3x ARP requests to host to refresh entries. Requires Subnet IP Configured in BD

if index : 0x1a000000 ::: name : Ethernet1/1
MAC : dca6.32a5.7d35 ::: Num IPs : 1
IP# 0 :
Vlan id : 12 ::: Vlan vnid : 8192 ::: BD vnid : 15761386
Encap vlan : 802.1Q/200
VRF name : TEN_MAIN:VRF_MAIN ::: VRF vnid : 2555904
phy if : 0x1a000000 ::: tunnel if : 0 ::: Interface : Ethernet1/1
Ref count : 5 ::: sclass : 16386
Timestamp : 01/01/1970 01:16:32.020000
::: Learns Src: EPM
EP Flags : local|IP|MAC|sclass|timer|
Aging: Timer-type : HT ::: Timeout-left : 58 ::: Hit-bit : Yes ::: Timer-reset count : 1
PD handles:
[L2]: Hdl : 0xd206 ::: Hit: Yes
[L3-0]: Hdl : 0xd20c ::: Hit: No ::: NH_ID : 0x80000006 ::: NH_Hdl : 0xd209 ::: FIB_ID : 0x0 ::: FIB_Hdl : 0x0

Get a VMM VMWare Controller
moquery -d /comp/prov-VMware/ctrlr-[DVS_ACI_dvSwitch1]-ABC_VC

moquery -c infraPortBlk -f 'infra.PortBlk.dn*"INTP_LEAF_229"'

moquery -c fvRsPathAtt -f 'fv.RsPathAtt.dn*"pathep-[eth1/1]"' | grep dn | grep -E "243|244"

moquery -c fabricNode -x 'query-target-filter=eq(,"211")'
Note: no spaces in the eq(..) or wcard(…), etc params block
moquery -c fvBD -f "\"BDname\""

EPG pcTag/sClass
moquery -c fvAEPg -f 'fv.AEPg.pcTag=="xxxx"'

VLAN (including PI [platform independant vlans])
show vlan extended
show system internal eltmc info vlan brief

moquery -c fvCEp
moquery -c fvCEp | grep x.x.x.x -A 10 -B 5
moquery -c fvCEp -f '"aa:bb:cc:dd:11:22:33:44"'
moquery -c fvCEp -f 'fv.CEp.ip==""'
moquery -c fvRsCEpToPathEp

moquery -c vzBrCP

moquery -c vzBrCP

moquery -c l3extInstP
moquery -c l3extDomP
moquery -c actrl.PfxEntry
moquery -c l3extSubnet

moquery -c faultInst -f 'fault.Inst.code=="F0467"'
moquery -c faultRecord -x order-by="faultRecord.created|desc" 'query-target-filter=wcard(faultRecord.created,"2017-12-1[2]")' >/home/admin/auditlog.txt

moquery -c tunnelIf

Infra VLAN
ifconfig | grep bond0.

TEP Pool
moquery -c fabricSetupP | grep -E podId|tepPool"

Multicast Pool
moquery -c fvBD | grep -E "name|bcastP|dn" | grep -B 2 "infra"
Tunnel / Leaf Search
acidiag fnvread / fnvreadex
ID Pod ID Name Serial Number IP Address Role State LastUpdMsgId
103 1 leaf3 SAL10000003 leaf active 0
104 1 leaf4 SAL10000004 leaf active 0

For VPC Peer switches virtual address
moquery -c vpcDom | egrep 'virtualIp|dn|#'

show endpoint mac 0000.5555.2222
17/TK:VRF1 vxlan-15826915 0000.5555.2222 tunnel8

show interface tunnel 8
dst: [ip] (refer to acidiag fnvread | grep [ip]'

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